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Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)


Email accounts are optional at Curtin. When new staff members commence, they must activiate their Staff OASIS account. Once this has been completed, if they require an email account, they must request one be created. This can only be done in Staff OASIS.

Please contact CITS Service Desk or see OASIS Account and Password for more information.  

Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access (OWA) can be accessed by following a link from Curtin's main staff page or by going directly to

Out of Office Auto Reply

Outlook Web Access can be used to put on an auto reply. Simply click on the settings cog, then "Automatic replies" and follow your nose, or for all the details, check out How to set up Out of Office auto-replies ( - 140KB).

Managing your email

The quantity of email and the ease with which it can be sent, received, duplicated, changed and deleted poses a number of challenges for us in our day to day work. Below are some helpful hints on how to best manage your email:

  • Make a phone call: summarise your conversation in a single message if necessary
  • Use Instant Messaging;
  • Send a link to a document in a shared drive rather than attaching to emails;
  • Save email items with other records relating to the same subject;
  • Empty your Deleted Folder regularly – you can set up your email application to do this automatically for you;
  • Set up a Shared Mailbox that everyone in the team can access, minimising duplication.

Records and Information Management have information on managing your emails, including training sessions.

Editing an Outlook Distribution List

  1. Open Windows Explorer

  2. Click on “Network” (if prompted, turn on file sharing and network discovery to enable)

  3. Click on “Search Active Directory

  4. In the “Name:” field, type in the start of the name of the distribution list (eg “CBS-HR”) and click “Find Now

  5. Double-click on the distribution list name (eg “CBS-HR-Staff-Information”)

  6. To Add a member: Click on “Add...

    1. Type in the staff ID, or the name, of the person you wish to add

    2. Click “Check Names

    3. Click “OK” to confirm, then click “Apply

  7. To Remove a member:

    1. Locate the staff member’s ID

    2. Click on the Staff ID of the staff member you wish to remove from the distribution list

    3. Click on “Remove”, then click “Yes” to confirm

    4. Click “Apply

  8. Once all additions or deletions have been made, click “OK”. Note: Please allow up to 48 hours for the change(s) to apply.

  9. If you experience any difficulty with any of these instructions, please contact the CITS Service Desk for further assistance.

Staff only:  For detailed instructions on how to edit a Distribution List, log in to and search for "DL".  

Mailing Lists

Staff and Students at Curtin have access to an electronic mailing list service. Electronic mailing lists are a mechanism for members of groups to communicate with other group members all at once. By sending a single message to the list, you can reach hundreds of users quickly and easily.

Lists may be "moderated", which means the owner of a list can exercise discretion about allowing messages to be posted to the list, or having authority over individuals requesting to subscribe to the list.  

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