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International Roaming

How to Use International Roaming and Minimise Charges

Roaming gives you the freedom to use your Optus mobile in more than 170 countries. Importantly, your mobile number doesn’t change, which means your contacts can call you without having to remember another number. Depending on your overseas carrier, you may still be able to screen your incoming calls and divert those you don’t want to answer to voicemail.

Additional charges apply for all calls made and received while roaming, including voicemail deposit, retrieval and data downloads.

For a complete list of participating countries and post-paid international roaming providers (when you click on the country) visit:

International Data sessions are charged at $2.00 per MB. We recommend to use Wi-Fi as much as possible.

Mobile SMS messages are charged at 55 cents for both inbound and outbound.

To avoid accidental use and unnecessary roaming charges, remember to lock your mobile's keypad after use and turn OFF your mobile data and data roaming when not required.

How to Use International Roaming and Minimise Charges [Portable Document Format - 156Kb].

Value Packs

Roaming Value packs may still need to be applied to Curtin University Telstra mobile services – Please contact the Telephone Helpdesk on x9000 option 2 for details.