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Curtin University
Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)


Staff Directories Online

Curtin's website contains a searchable online staff directory. Type in the name (given name or family name), then press Enter/Return.

Take a moment to check your own entry. If it's not correct, please contact Directory Amendments.

Exchange: the "Global Address List"

Exchange users at Curtin (such as those who use Outlook or Outlook Web Access) have access to a directory of staff at Curtin called the Global Address List (GAL). This resource contains information about other Exchange users, and also about many staff who do not use the corporate messaging solution. One of the pieces of information held in the GAL is the phone numbers of staff.

Outlook users can access the GAL by looking for a small text entry field at the top of the screen, when viewing the list of messages in a mailbox. Type the name (first name or family name) of the person you want to contact into that field, and press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard . A box will appear showing information about that person - including their phone number (if there is more than one person with that name, you will be shown a list of options from which to select.)

Printable directories

In the interests of sustainability, printable directories are no longer produced.

Please use either the Global Address List in Outlook or the web-based staff directory.

Dial 0 000  for all Emergency Calls (24 HOURS PER DAY)

Routine Assistance with: During office hours After hours
Buildings 2020 4444
Electrical 2020 4444
Lifts 2020 4444
Mechanical 2020 4444
Plumbing 2020 4444
Safety 4900 4444
Security 4444 4444
Switchboard 9266 -
Telephone difficulties faults, changes 2277 -
Directory amendments, additions, alterations 2277 -

Help Desks

  • Telephones: 2277
  • Voicemail: 2277
  • Bentley Switchboard (08) 9266 9266
  • Kalgoorlie Switchboard (08) 9088 6000
  • Perth Enquiries (08) 9266 3460

Please advise the Help Desk on 2277 of any changes to extension numbers as soon as they occur.

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