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This page contains links to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to Managed Print Services (MPS).

Additional Cost Centre How can I add an additional Cost Centre?
Auto log out Will I be logged out automatically if I forget?
Colour printing How can I print in colour?
Document security Will the security of my documents be compromised by sharing a Multi-Function Device?
Double-sided colour Can I set the default to duplex (double sided) black and white, but also have the option for simplex (single sided) and colour printing?
Follow-me How does “Follow-Me” Print work?
Forgot ID card What if I forget my Staff ID Card? (or how can I print without my Staff ID Card?)
Mobile device printing Can I print from a mobile device (eg iPad)?
Multiple Cost Centres How can I allocate my printing charges to multiple cost centres (i.e. when working on multiple projects)?
My old equipment What happens to my old equipment?
Paper costs How will I order and track the paper for my department now that we share a device with multiple areas?
Personal printer What will happen to my personal printer?
Printed accidentally What will happen if I print a document accidentally?
Printer not working What do I do if the print device in my area isn’t working properly?
Productivity affected How will productivity be affected by having to wait until I “swipe and release” my print job, rather than just sending it straight to the device?
Queue of people What can I do if there is a queue of people at my normal printing device or a large document being printed?
Recently bought What will happen to devices I have recently bought or leased?
Scanning Instructions
How can I scan a document (to email)?
Space constraints What if we can’t fit a Multi-Function Device into our area due to space constraints?
Specialty printer What will happen to my specialty printer (i.e. plotter, label printer)?
Time before deletion How long will my print job be kept before it is erased from the print queue?
Which device How will we know which devices to use?