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Curtin University
Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)

Managed Operating Environment

The Windows 7 ‘Managed Operating Environment’ (MOE) is a combination of new technology and new processes, which reduces duplication and streamlines the management of Curtin workstations. It is deployed using a sequence of tasks that can then be customised to suit the area or application.

Self-Install Applications

The Pre-packaged application list displays all applications available for self-installation from a central server source. Some packages may be restricted, or require a license before they become available to your desktop. For access to these applications, please contact the CITS Service Desk. Alternatively, the managed desktop support team can be contacted at

Getting a new machine

Before you receive a new machine you should receive a “New Computer Deployment” email. This email will contain information about:

  • Scheduling Your Replacement
  • Data Migration
  • Deployment Only Service
  • Software Installation
  • Off-campus Use

Please read the email carefully and ask any questions if you need assistance.

Your Data

Looking after your data is your responsibility. CITS recommends important data be stored on University servers (I:, J:, etc) so it is backed up. Some files (like files on the desktop, older email archives, etc) may be stored on local machines - these files are really important when changing over machines.  If you have files on your old machine you must check that they are on your new machine before the old machine is removed – which may be a short period of time, depending upon certain factors (eg end of lease).