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Curtin University
Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)

Curtin Wireless and eduroam


The Curtin Wireless Network provides students, staff and visitors with enhanced teaching and learning opportunities through more flexible access to online materials.

Wireless network connections are available across Curtin's Bentley, Murray Street and Kalgoorlie campuses. The wireless network utilises industry standard authentication and encryption technology to provide a secure environment for students, staff and visitors to connect portable devices.

Continual improvements to the wireless network ensure Curtin staff and students are provided with high quality wide range internet coverage.

Please see Installation Guides below on how to configure your desktop, laptop or mobile device to gain access to the wireless network.

Technical requirements

The Curtin Wireless Network is configured to use WPA for authentication and encryption. The Curtin implementation uses Protected-EAP (PEAP) with MSCHAPv2.

Support for this version of WPA is built-in to all of the major operating systems used at Curtin.

For those operating systems that do support PEAP-MSCHAPv2, there may be third-party client software available for purchase that meets the requirements.

In addition, you will need a Wi-Fi certified wireless adapter. Although many cards are certified you may need to update the firmware or drivers to ensure WPA compatibility. These adapters have been tested successfully:

  • Cisco Aironet 350 802.11b
  • Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g
  • Intel Centrino

Installation Guides - Information required for connection to the Curtin Wireless Network

Wireless Network Names and Credentials

There are three wireless networks operating at Curtin: one is available to staff, one for students and the other for eduroam visitors. When you configure your network connection you must enter the appropriate name (or SSID) for the account you intend to use. To log in to Curtin's Wireless Network, you must use your appropriate credentials.

The SSID to use and the credentials required to be used are listed below for each type of account:

Account type: SSID to use: Credentials to be used:
Students: student-curtin OASIS username and password
Postgraduates: student-curtin OASIS username and password
Staff: staff-curtin Staff Portal username and password
Associates: staff-curtin Staff Portal username and password 
Visitors: eduroam eduroam username and password
eg <ID>@<institution>

All Wireless Setup Guides


Windows 8

Portable Document Format 684B

Portable Document Format 684B

Portable Document Format 684B

Windows 7 (and Vista*)

Portable Document Format 420KB

Portable Document Format 387KB

Portable Document Format 420KB

Windows XP

Portable Document Format 416KB

Portable Document Format 377KB

Portable Document Format 440KB


Portable Document Format 196KB

Portable Document Format 172KB

Portable Document Format 172KB

iPhone (iOS7)
Portable Document Format 696KB Portable Document Format 696KB Portable Document Format 696KB
Windows 8 Mobile
Portable Document Format 444KB Portable Document Format 444KB Portable Document Format 444KB
Android Device
Portable Document Format 636KB Portable Document Format 636KB Portable Document Format 636KB
* Note: You may be able to use the Windows 7 setup guides for Windows Vista, though some screens may be different.

Where to find more information


Students can check the status of their wireless credentials at the OASIS website. See for further information.

Information Security website

Go to Information Security for information regarding Curtin policies and current security threats such as worms and scams.

Further information for staff and visitors

Please contact the CITS Service Desk.

Mobile Devices

See Installation Guides above.


Wireless access is available across the majority of the Bentley campus. CITS are currently progressing with installing wireless capability across the entire campus.


Curtin is a member of the eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) community. Being part of eduroam allows staff and students to access the wireless network of participating institutions using the same identification credentials the users would use if they were at their home institution.

eduroam is international with over 500 sites worldwide including approximately 25 universities in Australia and New Zealand.

More information on eduroam is provided at a number of sites including the following:

eduroam Information

Configuring laptops for eduroam Use

Users of the service will need to configure their laptops prior to embarking on a site visit.

Whilst eduroam is based on a common set of standards, it is possible that some site configuration requirements may differ. For this reason it is advisable to do the following:

  1. Review the configuration details of the institution that you are about to visit and make any necessary changes.
  2. On arrival, confirm that eduroam is available at the visited institution.
  3. If you have any problems check with your own IT Support facilities.

Connecting to eduroam

Users will need to select the eduroam wireless option at the participating site. Access to network facilities is managed by authenticating the user's login credentials at their home institution.

This is achieved by including the home institution identifier as an extension of the normal username (as advised in the configuration documents). For example identifies user 177358A with a username and password that needs to be authenticated by Curtin directory services.

eduroam Support

Initial IT support for eduroam is to be provided by the user's home institution. However it would be appropriate for eduroam visitors to contact the CITS Service Desk for eduroam assistance.

Curtin staff should contact the CITS Service Desk.


Acceptable Use Policies

Users of eduroam must comply with the acceptable use policies of their home institution and of their visited institution.

eduroam is only available to users over 18 years of age or those users that have parental consent to use "non-filtered" internet access.

See Curtin's IT policies...