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Curtin University
Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)

Internet Access

Visitors can get access to the Internet at Curtin:

  • If they are visiting from another eduroam institution, or have eduroam credentials; or
  • If they have a Guest Account

Internet Allowance

Members of the University community are each granted an individual monthly Internet allowance to ensure that inappropriate use is minimised and to enhance the use of this key resource.

The monthly Internet allowance is set at 2GB and applies to all Internet use (including browsing and actual downloads) and is reset at the end of each month.

If you require additional allowance before the end of the month, please contact CITS Service Desk and discuss your needs with them.  

Web Content Filtering

Web content filtering is an automatic system that blocks content according to a subscription based website categorisation and reputation. As an automated tool, web content filtering does not guarantee 100% protection.

The Internet content filtering software that Curtin uses provides hundreds of organisations around the world with the latest security warnings on malicious Internet events including spyware, phishing, spam, crimeware and compromised websites.

When a user attempts to visit a website, the University's web content filter checks the category of the site based upon a knowledgebase. If a website is blocked by the Internet content filtering system you will be redirected to a screen advising you that the site has been filtered and which prohibited category the site belongs to.