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Work From Home with Curtin VPN

Using an Off-Campus Computer to Control your On-Campus Computer

Step 1: Preparation

To work from your home computer or personal laptop, you will need to know your work PC's IP address. You can get this by following these steps on your work computer.

Part A 

i. Click Start

ii. Type cmd and press Enter

iii. Type ipconfig. and press Enter

iv. Under the heading Ethernet Adaptor Local Area Connection, record the numbers for IPv4 Address. The IP address will start with 134.7. To close screen, type Exit and press Enter

Part B

i. Click Start

ii. Right click on Computer

iii. Select Properties

iv. Select Remote Settings and click on the Remote tab

v. Ensure the selection Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer is ticked. Click Ok to complete


  1. When leaving the office ensure your computer is left ON. However your computer does NOT have to be left logged on. Ensure that the computer is not set to Shutdown after a period of inactivity.
  2. If you are unable to attend campus to set up your work PC, a colleague can login using their own Staff ID and Password temporarily to determine the IP Address on your behalf. However it is important to note they MUST logout once finished. 

Step 2: Installation

Install the VPN AnyConnect Client. If you're unsure, download the VPN Client to your home computer and install.

Step 3: Connection

i. Click on the Cisco AnyConnection icon in the toolbar at the bottom right hand side of your screen. Click Connect

ii. Enter your OASIS username and password. Click Ok

iii. Connect to your work computer. Once you have logged onto the VPN AnyConnect client from your home computer or laptop, you are ready to connect to your work computer.

To find the Remote Desktop Connection shortcut:

  • Select Start
  • Select All Programs or Programs
  • Select Accessories


  • Select Start
  • Type mstsc
  • Press Enter


  • Select Start
  • Select Remote Desktop Connection

iv. The following dialog box will appear. Type the IP Address from your work computer (see Step 1) and click Connect

v. Login using your OASIS username and password. Click Ok

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