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Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)

OASIS Account and Password

OASIS (Online Access to Student Information Systems) is Curtin's portal for students. It is a mechanism for delivering eServices and is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Once you have logged in to OASIS using your Curtin ID and password, you will have access to a range of applications and services without the need for further authentication.

Through OASIS, students have access to their student record (via eStudent), the Official Communications Channel (OCC), and a range of other online services including a student email account and learning support system - Blackboard.

It is a condition of enrolment at Curtin that students activate their OASIS account and then access OASIS at least once every seven days to ensure receipt of official communications from the University via the OCC.

Who has access to OASIS?

Once you are offered a place in a course that leads to, or is capable of leading to, an award at Curtin, you will automatically have access to OASIS and its core services. Once you enrol you will receive access to additional services, including access to the Curtin wireless network, the Library and Blackboard.

If you take an approved leave of absence, you will continue to have access to OASIS over your period of leave.

For more information on who has access to OASIS view the OASIS help pages.

How do I access OASIS?

You can follow the OASIS link via the Curtin homepage or via the web address

If your offer is about to lapse, you are terminated from your course, withdraw or defer, you will lose your access to OASIS after 45 days. Within 30 days of your access dropping off, you will see an alert advising that you will soon lose your access.

Where do I get help with OASIS?

All enquiries regarding OASIS should be directed to OASIS Central or the Abacus Computer Labs.

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