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Curtin University
Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)

IT Benchmark Survey: 2011 Results

In 2011, Curtin University participated in the IT Service Quality Benchmark Survey, along with over 30 other universities from Australia and New Zealand. The purposes of the survey were:

  • To gather information about client satisfaction in order to continue to improve IT services at Curtin; and
  • To obtain comparative benchmark data about IT service delivery across Australian and New Zealand universities.

2011 Survey Results

The 2011 IT Service Quality Benchmark Survey comprised 25 questions on a range of different aspects of IT support service provision including ICT Procurement and Curtin Audio Visual Services.

The survey questionnaire was completed by a total of 730 staff.

In 2011, Client satisfaction reached a percentage of 71.73%. This came in slighter higher than the calculated satisfaction of 69.50%. Staff also demonstrated a slight increase in satisfaction relating to the helpfulness of Phone Support at 75.63%, which in 2010 was reported at 75.62%.

The most common sentiment reported by staff in this free text question was being satisfied. Other themes identified were responsiveness on desktop service. A selection of responses are provided below:

“I have never had a problem with IT Support Teams - they are always very attentive to my requests (not once or twice but always).  They will run through me over the phone to fix the problem (those which can be fixed over the phone) or come to my desk within one day of lodging the service call.  They are very efficient and very accommodating to my requests.”

“They explain any problems to me clearly and help me to find long term solutions. I always feel confident that I will receive friendly service and they will follow up on any issues. Phone support staff have often value-added, giving me advice on computer problems I thought could not be resolved.”